Should trees be fertilized in Pierrefonds?  

Many people wonder if it is necessary to fertilize their trees. In any case, if you have not already done so, it would be a good idea to start, because they do need it. This page offers you relevant information on the subject.  


The need for fertilization in trees sometimes goes unnoticed. Maybe because they are big guys and we think it is not necessary. But they are living things and need to be fed, no matter how big they are. Fertilizer is their food. It provides them with the nutrients they need to be healthy and resistant. Otherwise, they will suffer from deficiencies and, in the worst cases, such a condition can cause them to wither to death. You can ask a tree care company such as Emondage Levis if you have any questions about the fertilization needs of your trees or if you need a elagage.


The benefits of fertilization   

How often should I fertilize? Twice a year. The first time is in the spring, as soon as the frost is gone. The second is in the fall, before winter arrives.  


Fertilization is necessary, as mentioned before, for strong and healthy trees. Otherwise, they will feel stress or be weaker to resist diseases or insect pests.  


There are many signs that a tree needs fertilizing. When a tree’s growth seems absent or very slow for a few years. When leaves turn yellow in summer instead of green as they should. When leaf fall occurs too early, as early as August. All these signs indicate a fertilizer deficiency. In these situations, fertilization is necessary to improve the fate of these poor tree specimens. Fertilizing after pruning is also appropriate.  

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A fertilizer consists of a mixture of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. A fertilizer spreader is a practical purchase. It is advisable to spread 3 to 4 pounds of fertilizer around the trees every 100 square feet. If you can’t afford fertilizer specifically for trees, a lawn fertilizer may be appropriate, although not ideal. This lesser measure is still preferable to not fertilizing.  


For trees in pots, care should be taken not to over fertilize. In this case, lawn fertilizer is a wise precautionary measure. Other kinds of products exist for maintaining the health of potted specimens.  


For those who don’t particularly enjoy plant maintenance work, you can use fertilizer stakes or granules. These are applied once a year and then release small doses of fertilizer at a time.   


Ask an expert for advice   

Finally, if caring for your trees or shrubs is not your favorite task, including or just spreading fertilizer, you might as well use a tree care service.  

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